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Guest Books

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1th May 2016

A staple part of the wedding stationary is a guest book, which the happy couple will usually have at their weddings so that guests can leave their congratulations, advice, and / or funny quotes!

When a couple have a guest book at their wedding, it is typically placed by the reception so that the guests can write meaningful messages for the newlywed couple. Having a guest book will then create a wonderful keepsake to look back upon many years later, and will create brilliant reading on a later anniversary!

Guest books can be personalised to ensure that they can be unique and special for the happy couple, just how they would like it. This can be done by the engaged couple or by bespoke wedding stationary businesses. Whether it’s adding ribbons, buckles, tea roses, feathers, diamantes etc. or simply just adding the couple’s names, date or a message. Having a personalised guest book will mean that the couple will then own a more sentimental piece of stationary, with a nicer meaning to them rather than having an ‘off the shelf’ guestbook.

You can get guest books in many different sizes and designs so that they are able to fit in with different themed weddings such as hearts, butterflies, rustic etc. or so that they can fit with any other decorations or accessories that have already been purchased from a particular range or specific design.

However, guest books don’t need to be personalised, they can be used for other things, especially plain white guest books. These plain white guest books have many different uses, such as being used as a book of condolence so that the bereaved family can look back on memories of their loved ones, or they can be used as a scrapbook to store memories of happy times. Another great idea is for guest books to be placed in businesses such as B&B’s or restaurants as they would be a perfect way for customers to leave comments and reviews.

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